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The Most Famous

Famous Inventors


Invention has brought with it more than could ever be imagined. Though invention, we were able to evolve beyond the simple gathering and hunting groups and achieve civilization. Even as hunters, invention made our lives better and allowed us to move forward as a species.


Famous Philosophers

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Perhaps no study has grown out of the culture of knowledge like that of Philosophy. Even the term is somewhat nebulous and many people disagree on what it actually is. The word is defined as the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence.


Famous Real-Life Princesses

fairy tale castle

The princess fantasy is a part of every little girl’s life. Princesses are rescued in fairy tales, and still live on the big screen in everything from The Princess Diaries to Barbie’s Twelve Dancing Princesses and the Princess and the Pauper. The princess fantasy is a part of every little girl’s life.


5 Famous Genuises

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Leonardo Da Vinci


Genghis Khan: Founder of the Mongol empire

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While we all know the name Genghis Khan, we may not know the man or his culture well. From the life to the death, Genghis Khan was a great military ruler, and the founder of the Mongol empire. The Mongols were originally nomadic peoples, and were known for their skill with horses.


Frederick the Great of Prussia


Frederick the Great of Prussia was a king of the enlightenment, who expanded Prussia, fought to protect his country, and supported the arts and literature. Frederick ruled Prussia in the mid-18th century, from 1740 to 1786.


Shaka: Zulu Ruler

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Shaka was a Zulu ruler who lived during the Age of Napoleon; he was born around 1727 and died in 1828. Like Napoleon, Shaka was a warrior who helped the Zulu tribe gain control over a large portion of South Africa. Shaka was fierce, having successfully killed over 2 million people during a ten-year period.


Oliver Cromwell: A Controversial Figure

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The biography of Oliver Cromwell is full of contradictions concerning this famous figure who was both loved and loathed. For many, the life of Oliver Cromwell is synonymous with liberty and the elimination of monarchy, but at the same time, many of his campaigns and tactics were dictatorial.


Napoleon Bonaparte: A Great Military Mind


The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte is studied with interest today, and he is considered to be the greatest military genius of all-time. Napoleon’s biography shows a man who wore many hats and occupied the most influential positions in the world during his time.


Famous Modern War Heroes

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Most historians are in agreement when it comes to the time period around which modern wars began, and some of the exploration of the process can be found on this website,, which...