Famous Disasters

2004 Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami


The 2004 ocean earthquake and tsunami was as bad a recent natural disaster as there has been in terms of recorded fatalities. This was truly a world disaster; deaths were recorded as far away as South Africa, 5,000 miles from the epicenter of the event.


Chernobyl: Famous Disaster

nuclear plant

Chernobyl was the worst nuclear disaster in history. The Chernobyl nuclear plant was situated the north of what is now Ukraine, and built to a rather archaic (and now discredited) design. In April 1986, a test was being run on the nuclear reactor, which required it to be shut down for a short time.


Dust Bowl

dust bowl

The Dust Bowl was a horrific weather disaster: a weather storm that occurred during the ‘30s. The Dust Bowl created a tremendous amount of storm damage: people lost their lives and some lost their homes during the Dust Bowl.


Mount Vesuvius


While we often think of recent natural disaster events, one of the most famous world disaster events was the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Mount Vesuvius sits near the Bay of Naples, only a few miles from the city itself.


1888 Great Blizzard: Famous Disaster

snow and farm

The Great Blizzard of 1988 was one of the deadliest weather disasters to hit the United States in recorded history. Snowfalls of up to 40-50 inches in parts of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York caused heavy storm damage and many people died trapped in their houses during this terrible weather....


Tri-State Tornado: Famous Disaster

March 18, 1925 was an ordinary early spring day for many weather-wise farmers just outside Ellington, Missouri, and a weather disaster was the last thing on anyone’s mind.