History of Business

Brief History of Credit Cards

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Credit cards have been around since the early 1900s when oil companies and department stores began issuing their own store cards. These cards were only accepted by the business that issued the card at the location that issued it. The cards were created to develop customer loyalty. Because of the limited acceptance...


Brief History of Investing in Gold

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Throughout history, gold has been used as a form of currency. Gold has been used as a payment since before it was standardized in European countries in the nineteenth century.


Famous Inventors


Invention has brought with it more than could ever be imagined. Though invention, we were able to evolve beyond the simple gathering and hunting groups and achieve civilization. Even as hunters, invention made our lives better and allowed us to move forward as a species.


Brief History Of Business

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There's a Chinese maxim that says "It's easy to open a business but it's an art to keep it open." Every commercial endeavor is founded on a basic human aspect—want.


History of the Corporation

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Although definitions and descriptions of corporations have changed dramatically through the last few hundred years, the first corporation actually began long ago – as early as 1602. Two important corporations were formed at this time and both were given a multi-year monopoly on trade by thier government.


History of Philanthropy

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Wealthy business people, politicians, and scions of families with abundant means have often engaged in philanthropic endeavors. Chief executive officers who find their alma mater foundering financially may begin a fund to pay for operational costs at no expense to the school itself.


Brief History of Venture Capital Firms

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Venture capital firms, during the twentieth century, were available to families and individuals that maintained considerable wealth. For instance, during that time, the Warburgs, the Rockefellers, the Whitneys, and the Vanderbilts were all families that supplied private funding to promising businesses.


Brief History of Wall Street

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Wall Street is a street that is located in lower Manhattan that goes in an easterly direction from Broadway to South Street. It is in the center of the Financial District and it has been synonymous with finances since the 17th century.


Brief History of the U.S. Stock Market

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To understand the history of Wall Street one must also understand the history of the U.S. stock market. The history of Wall Street and the stock market are intimately tied together.


The Oldest American Businesses

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When looking at American history, you cannot forget to look at the industries that have built it. The history of American business is as interesting as the history of America. When looking at the history of U.S.