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Brief History of Graphic Design

wooden typography

Graphic Design in the 1800s


Brief History Of Business

vintage cash register

There's a Chinese maxim that says "It's easy to open a business but it's an art to keep it open." Every commercial endeavor is founded on a basic human aspect—want.


The Oldest American Businesses

board room

When looking at American history, you cannot forget to look at the industries that have built it. The history of American business is as interesting as the history of America. When looking at the history of U.S.


5 Entrepreneurs Who Started Fortune 100 Companies

tall buildings seen from below

The Fortune 100 list represents the first 100 companies in Fortune magazine’s annual Fortune 500 list. The Fortune 500 list ranks United States companies that are publicly traded by revenue, with the company having the largest revenue at the top of the list.


Brief History of Trucks

classic truck

The intriguing history of trucks would be remiss if we left out Ford® and GMC® trucks. These companies have been consumer favorites further back than most of us can remember. Ford trucks began with Henry Ford’s first truck model, which he built in 1900.


Jesse James: Famous Outlaw


Jesse James was born in Missouri, and became arguably the most famous outlaw in the old west. His father was a preacher and minister, and during the period before the Civil War, Jesse and his brother Frank and their siblings grew up in comfortable surroundings in the Confederacy.


Brief History Of Personal Computers (PCs)

fingers typing on a keyboard

The computer history timeline that is the foundation for the history of the PC begins way back in the 1930's. The PC, or personal computer, has revolutionized today’s society in several different ways.


Brief History Of The Computer

blue motherboard

Most of us couldn't imagine life today without computers. They are an integral part of nearly every technological advance we enjoy, from our familiar desktop models to the computers that keep our cars running, and even the computers that power lifesaving hospital equipment.


Famous Inventors


Invention has brought with it more than could ever be imagined. Though invention, we were able to evolve beyond the simple gathering and hunting groups and achieve civilization. Even as hunters, invention made our lives better and allowed us to move forward as a species.


Brief History Of The Super Computer

large computer room

We all have computers. They seem pretty fast, but there is a class of computer far beyond what we have sitting by our desks. These are the super computers. Most are able to process information thousands if not millions of times faster than the ones in our homes.